Forms reference

class bookmarks.forms.BookmarkForm(forms.Form)

Form class to handle bookmarks.

The bookmark is identified by model, object_id and key. The bookmark is added or removed based on the his existance.

You can customize the app giving a custom form class, following some rules:

  • the form must provide the following fields:

    • model -> a string representation of app label and model name of the bookmarked object (e.g.: ‘auth.user’)
    • object_id -> the bookmarked instance id
    • key -> the bookmark key
  • the form must define the following methods:

    • bookmark_exists(self): return True if the current user has that instance with that key in his bookmarks
    • instance(self): return the current instance to bookmark or None if the form data (content_type_id and object_id) is invalid
    • save(self): add or remove a bookmark and return it
__init__(self, request, backend, *args, **kwargs)

Takes the current request, the bookmark’s backend and all the normal Django form arguments.


Check if an instance with current model and object_id actually exists in the database, and validate only if the user is authenticated.


Return the bookmarked instance or None if the form is not valid.

This method validates the form.


Return True if self.instance is bookmarked by the current user with the current key.

Raise ValueError if the form is not valid.

This method validates the form.


Add or remove the bookmark and return it.

You must call this method only after form validation.